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Energy transition

✓ Facilitate the energy transition to new fuels, e.g., hydrogen.

✓ Lower the CO2 and NOx by letting boiler to work at lower gas/air ratio.

Environmental & health

✓ Reducing the environmental noise pollution.

✓ Helping for people health (by reducing household appliances noise).

✓ Offices with our acoustic panels foster higher productivity.

Help OEMs to obey new EU Regulations

✓ EU Sustainable and Smart Mobility Strategy.

✓ EU Strategy of Environmental Noise Directive.

✓ EU Sound Level of motor vehicles and of replacement silencing systems.

✓ EU Climate Target Plan 2030.

Through innovative solutions, we aim to address noise challenges across diverse industries, leaving a positive and lasting impact on global communities.

Our impact on energy transmission, Environment & health, and EU laws:

The innovative mufflers can enable and facilitate the development of a variety of applications related to the practical implementation of the energy transition strategy. Clean and stable combustion of mixed fuels during the transition period and finally of circular energy carriers (like hydrogen) can be achieved by making a totally thermo-acoustically stable hydrogen burner at any condition. This will have significant impact on the development by companies and acceptance by consumers of hydrogen combustion appliances that cannot be easily succeeded by other technologies.

Noise reduction from appliances such as Heat Pumps and Air Conditioners, as well as motor vehicles and highways in cities also have a huge impact on lowering environmental noise pollution. Furthermore, a substantial impact on the popularity of this technology in coming years would be gained especially because of the low-cost and compact size of these mufflers that can be applied in wide variety of applications, particularly in household appliances. In the Multiyear Mission-driven Innovation Program for Sustainable Heating & Cooling (MMIP 4), The defined goals for the noise reduction of these installations in 2030 is 30 dB(A) in circulation areas and 27 dB(A) in common areas (including the bedroom). These targets are often not achieved in most cases without additional measures that fit inside the installations. However, the innovative muffler takes a low usage of space with low-cost that can be integrated into installations without significantly affecting the final size, weight or cost of the installations therefore, the impact is further increased in this aspect.

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