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Aeroacoustic noise reduction

Aeroacoustics sound mitigation techniques are vital for addressing the noise challenges posed specially by both airplanes and wind turbines. In the aviation industry, mitigating aircraft noise is essential for minimizing the environmental impact and improving the overall flying experience. The most noise generated by airplanes are ultra-low frequencies (below 100 Hz). However, the wind turbine generate noise typically between 20 and 400 Hz frequency range.  This annoyance can lead to complaints, public opposition, and potential legal challenges, which hinders the further expansion of wind power projects. Moreover, the perception of low-frequency noise as more bothersome poses health risks to nearby residents, including sleep disturbances, stress, and potential cardiovascular and cognitive effects.

The patented ultra-thin ABC mufflers can be added to the airfoil surface of such blades, wings, and propellers in order to absorb the noise from the source before propagation to the environment. If you need more information, you can contact us.

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