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Thermo-Acoustic solutions

Thermo-acoustic components (muffler & burners) need redesign for future mixture of gases. OEMs use large mufflers & customized burners to stabilize  boilers. Still there is instability at low gas/air ratio and not working for different fuel mixture e.g., CH4/H2.

Our ABC muffler effectively mitigates Thermo-Acoustic combustion instability and has been successfully tested with domestic boilers, demonstrating its universal applicability to the upstream components of the burners, e.g., air intake silencer, and the burner itself.

Stable burner

Many of the current industrial burners exhibit thermo-acoustic instability. Therefore, it is critical to design both the upstream and downstream sides of the burner to avoid operating the system at the burner's unstable frequency.

Air intake silencer (snorkel)

We have design, made and tested a compact air intake silencer which is open from both sides and it works as a broadband muffler that can stabilize the current burners/boilers at almost all range of frequencies.

Industrial Acoustic diode

ATA Mute Acoustic diodes are alternative solutions to stabilize current combustion setups.

Measurement equipment

Measuring the thermo-acoustic performance of industrial combustion appliances is now achievable using our measuring tools.

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