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In the practice of combustion appliances, the Helmholtz resonators and reflecting/absorption mufflers are used at the upstream side of the burner which is known as snorkel. They are connected at the air intake of the boiler fan. The existing mufflers are bulky and heavy, inefficient and less eco-friendly. Almost all domestic boilers have such long mufflers with the length of 50cm to 120 cm which makes the size of the boiler bigger to fit the muffler inside the boiler. We have design, made and tested a compact air intake silencer which is open from both sides and it works as a broadband muffler that can stabilize the current burners/boilers at almost all range of frequencies. The value of the reflection coefficent is |R|<0.2 over 250-1000 Hz. It means it can stabilize any kind of boiler with |Rin|<5 that covers most of combustion systems.

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