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ATA Mute's journey began from the Ph.D. project of Dr. PDEng. Mohammad Kojourimanesh at Technical University of Eindhoven (TU/e) in 2018. Collaborating with esteemed full professors in acoustics and thermo-acoustics - Prof. Philip de Goey, Prof. Dr. Ir. Ines Lopez Arteaga, and Dr. Viktor Kornilov - the trio embarked on a remarkable 20-year research journey in combustion thermo-acoustic studies. Their collective expertise and dedication laid the foundation for our three groundbreaking technology, the patented Anechoic Broadband Compact (ABC) mufflers. Recognizing the transformative potential of their technology in revolutionizing noise reduction and addressing various noise pollution challenges, the team made the bold decision to establish ATA Mute B.V. as an independent entity in 2023. ATA Mute boasts a highly skilled and accomplished team that brings together a wealth of expertise and experience in the field of acoustics and combustion. The combination of academic knowledge and industrial experience positions them well to tackle the complex challenges of thermo-acoustic combustion instability and noise reduction. The formation of ATA Mute, as a spin-off from TU/e, marked a significant milestone, allowing the team to commercialize their proprietary technology and bring real-world solutions to the market. Today, ATA Mute stands at the forefront of revolutionizing noise reduction and thermo-acoustic solutions, delivering a greener and quieter future for all.

Grants and awards

ATA Mute is supported with some grants as Faculty Of Impact (Link), TTT-SI (Link), and Take-off (Link).

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