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Transportation industries

Under the regulations set forth by the European Union (EU), noise pollution resulting from transportation has become a significant concern for residents. The EU law encompasses four primary categories of noise control legislation and limitations:

  1. Motor Vehicles:

  2. Aeroplanes:

  3. Household Appliances:

  4. Construction Equipment:

In alignment with the EU's Environmental Noise Directive (END) strategy, a comprehensive range of noise-reduction actions and measures is slated for implementation by 2030. For example, the 'Regulation on the Sound Level of Motor Vehicles' specifies that the maximum sound level for new passenger cars of type M1 in 2026 should not exceed 68 dB(A), necessitating a 4 dB(A) noise reduction compared to the levels in 2016.

Rail transport systems, too, grapple with multiple noise sources, including HVAC systems on trains, bogies, and noise emanating from within stations. These sources generate a broad spectrum of frequencies, including challenging ultra-low frequencies (below 100 Hz), which prove difficult to mitigate with existing technologies. This noise not only presents technical hurdles in the development of low-carbon rail systems but also adversely affects both the environment and passenger well-being.

The patented ABC muffler represents a versatile solution that can be integrated with various noise sources in the transportation industry. For instance, we have been actively applying ABC mufflers within automotive door panels, centrifugal interior cooling fans, tire covers, inner fender linings, and more. If you seek further information or have specific inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are here to help.

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