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Thermo-Acoustic solutions

ATA Mute provides design services to remove Thermo-Acoustic Combustion instability in boilers and burners. We achieve this by integrating our patented Anechoic Broadband Compact (ABC) mufflers into the upstream components of burners, making them low-reflecting components to ensure system stability.

Acoustic solutions

ATA Mute also provides design services to make things quieter by reducing noise from various sound sources, helping to address noise pollution challenges. Our key acoustic solution is integrating the patented Anechoic Broadband Compact (ABC) mufflers to the noise sources. ABC muffler is known for its ability to reduce noise effectively across a wide range of frequencies (from 2Hz to 20 kHz). Whether it's for household appliances, aviation, trains, or marine settings, our acoustic innovations can change the noise landscape, making homes and workplaces quieter and more peaceful.


Ultimate Solution
Noise Pollution
Acoustics and Thermo-Acoustics noise Mutation

The Power Of Silence


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